Advocate Priyanka Agarwal – Roorkee, Ramnagar Court

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Advocate Priyanka Agarwal is a distinguished legal practitioner specializing in Criminal and Family disputes at the Ramnagar Court in Roorkee.

With a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of both criminal law and family matters, she offers invaluable expertise to her clients.

Advocate Agarwal is known for her compassionate yet assertive approach in handling sensitive family disputes, prioritizing the well-being and interests of her clients. Simultaneously, her adept navigation of criminal cases showcases her strategic prowess and dedication to upholding justice.

Advocate Priyanka Agarwal’s commitment to excellence and her focus on delivering favorable outcomes make her a trusted ally for clients seeking resolution in Roorkee’s legal arena.

Roorkee, Court Ramnagar,247667,Roorkee,Haridwar,Uttarakhand

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