Top places to visit in Dehradun

Top places to visit in Dehradun
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Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand in India, is a picturesque destination nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. Known for its pleasant climate, natural beauty, and rich cultural heritage, Dehradun offers a delightful experience to visitors. If you’re planning a trip to this charming city.

Here are some of the top places to visit in Dehradun:

1- Indian Military Academy (IMA)

Indian Military Academy (IMA)

The Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun is a prestigious institution that serves as the premier training academy for officers of the Indian Army. Established in 1932, the IMA is known for its rigorous training programs and has produced some of the finest military leaders in India.

The academy is spread over a vast expanse of lush greenery and offers a picturesque setting for cadets to undergo their training. Visitors to the IMA can witness the disciplined lifestyle of cadets, observe military drills and parades, and explore the academy’s museum that showcases the rich history and achievements of the Indian Army.

The IMA is a symbol of pride and honor and is a must-visit for those interested in witnessing the dedication and commitment of India’s future military leaders.

2- Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple

Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple

Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple is a renowned Hindu temple located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Situated amidst the tranquil surroundings of lush green forests, the temple holds great religious significance for devotees.

It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is named after the natural water droplets (tapkesh) that continuously fall on the Shivalinga inside the cave-like sanctum. The temple is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva meditated according to Hindu mythology. Visitors can witness the mesmerizing waterfall cascading over the Shivalinga, creating a serene and spiritual atmosphere.

The cave temple, adorned with beautiful natural formations, offers a peaceful retreat for devotees seeking solace and divine blessings. The annual Tapkeshwar Fair held during the occasion of Shivratri attracts a large number of devotees and adds to the religious fervor of the temple.

3- Maldevta


Maldevta is a serene and picturesque village located near Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Nestled amidst the lush green hills and alongside the Maldevta stream, this hidden gem offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The village is known for its natural beauty and is a popular destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Visitors can indulge in activities like trekking, birdwatching, and picnicking while enjoying the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Maldevta also houses a small temple dedicated to Goddess Durga, adding a spiritual touch to the serene atmosphere. With its serene ambiance and natural charm, Maldevta is the perfect place to unwind and connect with nature in the lap of the Himalayas.

4- Laxman Siddh Temple

Laxman Siddh Temple

Laxman Siddh Temple is a revered Hindu temple located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Situated on the banks of the holy Ganges river, this ancient temple holds immense religious significance. It is believed to be the site where Lord Laxman, the younger brother of Lord Rama, performed penance and attained Siddhi (enlightenment).

The temple is nestled amidst a peaceful and serene environment, offering devotees a tranquil space for worship and reflection. The architecture of the temple showcases intricate carvings and beautiful artwork, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Visitors can experience a sense of divinity while offering prayers and seeking blessings from Lord Laxman.

The temple also hosts various religious festivals and celebrations, attracting devotees from far and wide. Laxman Siddh Temple is a place of spiritual devotion and an important pilgrimage site in Dehradun.

5- Buddha Temple

Buddha Temple

Buddha Temple, also known as Mindrolling Monastery, is a magnificent Buddhist temple located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The temple complex is a spiritual haven that exudes peace and tranquility. It is one of the largest Buddhist centers in India and serves as a hub for Buddhist teachings, meditation, and religious practices.

The temple is adorned with intricate Tibetan-style architecture, vibrant murals, and ornate decorations that create a visually stunning ambiance. Inside the temple, visitors can witness the grand statue of Lord Buddha, along with various other Buddhist deities and symbols.

The serene environment and prayerful atmosphere make it an ideal place for meditation and introspection. The monastery also houses a library, museum, and meditation hall, offering a comprehensive experience for spiritual seekers. The Buddha Temple is a place of reverence and spirituality, attracting visitors from different walks of life who seek solace and enlightenment.

6- Khalanga War Memorial

Khalanga War Memorial

Khalanga War Memorial, located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, is a poignant tribute to the brave soldiers who laid down their lives during the 1962 Indo-China war. The memorial stands as a solemn reminder of their sacrifice and serves as a symbol of honor and patriotism.

The memorial features a tall obelisk surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and plaques that bear the names of the martyrs. It serves as a place for reflection and remembrance, where visitors can pay their respects to the fallen heroes and express gratitude for their selfless service.

The serene and well-maintained surroundings make it a peaceful spot for contemplation and a reminder of the courage and sacrifice exhibited by the Indian Armed Forces. The Khalanga War Memorial is a significant landmark that honors the valor and sacrifices of the soldiers and stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to the nation.

7- Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, is a prestigious research institute dedicated to the study of the Himalayan region and its geological significance. Established in 1968, the institute conducts extensive research on various aspects of geology, seismology, tectonics, climate change, and natural hazards in the Himalayas.

The institute houses state-of-the-art laboratories, a well-equipped library, and a museum that showcases a rich collection of rocks, minerals, and fossils found in the region. It serves as a hub for geologists, researchers, and scholars from around the world, promoting interdisciplinary research and fostering a deeper understanding of the geological processes shaping the Himalayan landscape.

The institute also offers training programs, workshops, and conferences to promote knowledge exchange and collaboration in the field of Himalayan geology. The Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology is a renowned institution that plays a pivotal role in advancing scientific knowledge about the Himalayas and contributes to the understanding of the Earth’s dynamic processes.

8- Paltan Bazaar

Paltan Bazaar

Paltan Bazaar, located in the heart of Dehradun, is a bustling and vibrant marketplace that offers a unique shopping experience. This popular commercial hub is known for its wide variety of shops, street vendors, and local eateries. Visitors can explore the lively streets filled with clothing stores, footwear shops, handicraft emporiums, and jewelry outlets, offering a diverse range of products.

Paltan Bazaar is also a great place to indulge in local street food, with numerous stalls offering delicious snacks and regional delicacies. The bustling atmosphere, colorful shops, and friendly vendors create a lively ambiance, making it a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking for trendy fashion items, traditional handicrafts, or simply want to immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture, Paltan Bazaar is a must-visit destination in Dehradun.

9- Santala Devi Temple

Santala Devi Temple

Santala Devi Temple, nestled amidst the serene hills of Dehradun, is a sacred place of worship dedicated to Goddess Santala Devi. Situated at an elevation of approximately 2083 meters, the temple offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and lush green landscapes.

To reach the temple, visitors have to embark on a trek through a scenic trail, which adds to the spiritual experience. The temple is believed to fulfill the wishes of devotees, and many pilgrims visit to seek the blessings of Goddess Santala Devi. The serene ambiance, picturesque surroundings, and the religious significance make Santala Devi Temple a popular destination for both devotees and nature enthusiasts alike.

10- Har Ki Dun Valley

Har Ki Dun Valley

Har Ki Dun Valley, located in the Garhwal Himalayas of Dehradun, is a picturesque and enchanting destination known for its natural beauty and trekking opportunities. Nestled at an altitude of approximately 3,566 meters, the valley is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, dense forests, and meandering rivers.

It is famous for its captivating landscapes, including vast meadows, gushing waterfalls, and vibrant alpine flowers. Trekking enthusiasts from around the world flock to Har Ki Dun Valley to explore its scenic trails and witness its pristine beauty.

The valley is also rich in biodiversity, with a variety of flora and fauna, including rare Himalayan species. It offers a serene and peaceful environment, making it an ideal retreat for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Har Ki Dun Valley is a hidden gem that offers a perfect blend of natural wonders, tranquility, and thrilling outdoor experiences.

11- Asan Barrage Water Sports Resort

Asan Barrage Water Sports Resort

Asan Barrage Water Sports Resort, located near Dehradun, is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Situated on the banks of the picturesque Asan River, the resort offers a wide range of water-based activities, including boating, kayaking, canoeing, and jet skiing.

Adventure seekers can indulge in thrilling water sports while enjoying the breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and lush greenery. The tranquil ambiance and serene waters of Asan Barrage make it an ideal spot for birdwatching as well, with a variety of migratory birds visiting the area during winters.

The resort also provides comfortable accommodation and facilities for visitors to relax and rejuvenate amidst nature. Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply want to unwind in a peaceful setting, Asan Barrage Water Sports Resort is a delightful retreat in Dehradun.

12- Sai Mandir

Sai Mandir

Sai Mandir, located in Dehradun, is a revered temple dedicated to Shirdi Sai Baba. The temple is a serene and spiritual place of worship where devotees gather to seek blessings and offer prayers to the revered saint.

The architecture of the temple is inspired by the famous Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Maharashtra, with intricate carvings and beautiful sculptures adorning the premises. Inside the temple, there is a sanctum sanctorum where the idol of Sai Baba is placed, surrounded by an aura of devotion and tranquility.

The temple premises also include meditation halls and prayer rooms, providing a peaceful atmosphere for devotees to connect with their spiritual selves. Sai Mandir in Dehradun attracts a large number of devotees and is a place of solace and faith for Sai Baba followers in the region.

13- Guru Ram Rai Gurudwara

Guru Ram Rai Gurudwara

Guru Ram Rai Gurudwara, situated in Dehradun, is a significant religious site for Sikhs. The gurudwara holds great historical and cultural importance as it is named after Guru Ram Rai, the seventh Sikh Guru and the founder of the city.

The gurudwara complex features a beautiful main building with stunning architectural elements, including intricate domes and vibrant frescoes. Inside, the gurudwara houses the holy Guru Granth Sahib, the central scripture of Sikhism, and offers a peaceful atmosphere for devotees to engage in prayers and seek spiritual solace.

The community kitchen or Langar serves free meals to visitors, promoting the values of equality and selfless service. Guru Ram Rai Gurudwara is not only a religious center but also a place of social welfare and communal harmony, welcoming people of all faiths with open arms.

15- Lacchiwalla


Lacchiwalla, located on the outskirts of Dehradun, is a popular picnic spot and nature retreat. It is known for its scenic beauty and lush green surroundings, making it an ideal getaway for nature enthusiasts.

The main attraction of Lacchiwalla is its tranquil and crystal-clear water stream, where visitors can enjoy wading in the shallow waters or simply relax by the riverside. The area is surrounded by dense forests, offering opportunities for nature walks and birdwatching. Adventure seekers can also indulge in activities like river crossing and rappelling. Additionally, there are a few small eateries and vendors offering local snacks and refreshments.

Lacchiwalla provides a serene and refreshing escape from the city, allowing visitors to unwind and connect with nature in a peaceful setting.

16- Fun Valley

Fun Valley

Fun Valley, located in Dehradun, is a popular amusement and water park that offers a fun-filled experience for visitors of all ages. The park boasts a wide range of thrilling rides, including roller coasters, water slides, and adventure activities that guarantee an adrenaline rush.

With its well-maintained water pools and slides, Fun Valley is a favorite destination for water enthusiasts looking to beat the summer heat. The park also offers various recreational facilities such as go-karting, bumper cars, and mini-golf, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

In addition to the exciting attractions, Fun Valley provides a comfortable and safe environment, with trained staff and ample amenities for a memorable day out. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or quality time with family and friends, Fun Valley is a must-visit destination in Dehradun.

17- Chetwoode Hall (Indian Military Academy Museum)

Chetwoode Hall (Indian Military Academy Museum)

Chetwoode Hall, also known as the Indian Military Academy Museum, is a significant attraction in Dehradun. Located within the premises of the prestigious Indian Military Academy, the museum showcases the rich history, heritage, and achievements of the Indian Armed Forces. Visitors can explore a fascinating collection of artifacts, including weapons, uniforms, medals, photographs, and memorabilia that depict the evolution and contributions of the military.

The museum also offers an insight into the rigorous training and discipline that cadets undergo at the academy. With its informative exhibits and engaging displays, Chetwoode Hall provides a glimpse into the glorious military traditions and inspires a sense of patriotism. It is a must-visit for history enthusiasts and anyone interested in learning about the valor and sacrifices of India’s armed forces.

18- Sakyamuni Buddha Stupa

Sakyamuni Buddha Stupa

Sakyamuni Buddha Stupa in Dehradun is a serene and spiritual attraction that holds great significance for Buddhists and visitors seeking peace and tranquility. This magnificent white structure, inspired by the traditional Buddhist architecture, stands tall and offers a place for meditation and reflection.

The stupa is adorned with intricate carvings and symbols representing the life and teachings of Gautama Buddha. Surrounded by lush greenery and located in a picturesque setting, the Sakyamuni Buddha Stupa provides a calm and serene environment for visitors to connect with their inner selves.

It is a place where one can experience a sense of serenity and spirituality while admiring the beauty of the surroundings. Whether you are a Buddhist or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, the Sakyamuni Buddha Stupa offers a sacred space for contemplation and introspection in the heart of Dehradun.

19- Doon Valley

Doon Valley

Doon Valley, nestled in the picturesque city of Dehradun, is a breathtaking natural wonder that offers panoramic views and serene surroundings. Surrounded by the Shivalik range of the Himalayas, the valley is known for its lush greenery, meandering rivers, and cascading waterfalls.

The Doon Valley is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. The cool and pleasant climate, coupled with the scenic beauty, makes it an ideal destination for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Visitors can indulge in activities like hiking, trekking, and picnicking while enjoying the stunning vistas of the valley. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll through the verdant forests or capturing the mesmerizing sunset, Doon Valley is a paradise for nature lovers and a must-visit destination in Dehradun.

20- Mussoorie (nearby hill station)


Mussoorie, also known as the “Queen of Hills,” is a charming hill station nestled in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas. Located just a short distance from Dehradun, Mussoorie is a popular tourist destination known for its natural beauty, pleasant weather, and panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains.

The town is adorned with lush green hills, cascading waterfalls, and dense forests, offering a serene and tranquil environment.

Mussoorie is famous for its colonial-era architecture, including the iconic Mall Road, where visitors can stroll and enjoy the scenic beauty while shopping for local handicrafts and souvenirs. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in activities like trekking, paragliding, and cable car rides to explore the breathtaking landscapes.

Mussoorie’s captivating beauty, coupled with its pleasant climate and old-world charm, makes it a beloved destination for both nature lovers and vacationers seeking a peaceful mountain retreat.

21. Robber’s Cave

Robber's Cave

Also known as Gucchupani, Robber’s Cave is a fascinating natural attraction located around 8 kilometers from the city center. It is famous for its narrow caves formed by the Ganga River. The cave provides a unique experience as visitors walk through knee-deep water and explore the intriguing formations inside.

22. Sahastradhara


Meaning “Thousand-fold Spring,” Sahastradhara is a popular tourist spot known for its natural beauty and therapeutic properties. The water here contains sulphur and is believed to have medicinal qualities. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing bath under the cascading waterfalls and indulge in rejuvenating activities.

23. Mindrolling Monastery

Mindrolling Monastery

One of the largest Buddhist monasteries in India, Mindrolling Monastery is a must-visit for spiritual seekers and culture enthusiasts. The monastery complex showcases exquisite Tibetan architecture and houses various temples, prayer halls, and a 60-meter high stupa. The serene ambiance and intricate artwork make it a peaceful retreat.

24. Forest Research Institute

Forest Research Institute

The Forest Research Institute (FRI) is a renowned institution dedicated to forestry research. The campus, spread over 450 hectares, is a visual treat with its colonial-style buildings and lush green surroundings. Visitors can explore the museum, herbarium, and botanical gardens within the institute.

25. Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park

For wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, a visit to Rajaji National Park is a must. Spread across an extensive area, the park is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including elephants, tigers, leopards, and various bird species. Visitors can enjoy jeep safaris and experience the beauty of the wilderness.

26. Clock Tower

Clock Tower

Situated in the heart of the city, the Clock Tower is a significant landmark of Dehradun. It is a bustling area with a vibrant market where you can find local handicrafts, clothing, and delicious street food. The tower itself is an architectural marvel and offers panoramic views of the city.

27. Tapovan


Located on the outskirts of Dehradun, Tapovan is a tranquil retreat surrounded by hills and forests. It is believed to be the site where Guru Dronacharya, a revered character from the Mahabharata, meditated. Tapovan offers a peaceful environment for meditation and self-reflection.

28. Malsi Deer Park

Malsi Deer Park

Ideal for families and nature lovers, Malsi Deer Park is a small zoological park located near Dehradun. It houses various species of deer, including the graceful spotted deer. Visitors can also enjoy a leisurely walk amidst lush greenery and picnic in the serene surroundings.

29. Tibetan Market

Tibetan Market

The Tibetan Market in Dehradun is a vibrant shopping hub known for its handicrafts, Tibetan artifacts, clothing, and accessories. It is an excellent place to explore and shop for unique souvenirs and traditional Tibetan items.

These are just a few highlights of the top places to visit in Dehradun. The city has much more to offer, including beautiful temples, historical landmarks, and breathtaking viewpoints. With its serene environment and natural beauty, Dehradun provides a perfect getaway for those seeking a peaceful and enriching experience.

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